Sport Law


Sport Law

Both on and off the field of play, those involved in the sports industry have seen many changes in the last twenty years, with increasing opportunities from the exploitation of commercial rights to the challenges of ever increasing regulation and media interest in all those who participate in sport.
We advise our clients on the negotiation of agency contracts, player endorsements & sponsorship contracts, recording contracts, profit sharing agreements, royalties, the creation and registration of image rights & brand management, impacts and enforceability of restraint of trade clauses in sport and entertainment contracts etc.
Our strength lies in the fact that we understand the sports industry from both a legal and a commercial perspective. This allows us to give the best possible advice to our clients who include athletes, governing bodies, sports rights owners, sponsors, teams individual sports personalities and player associations

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We can support you in drafting up contracts for various deals to ensure that you have the best possible agreement. We offer this service to players, managers, and clubs. 

Regardless of what sport you play, manage, or own, you may choose to look for some sponsorships or endorsements. We can produce the legal paperwork needed to ensure that you get the best possible deal and negotiation.

Company Capabilities

  • Player Contracts
  • Player Image Rights
  • Brand Management
  • Trade Clause

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