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Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual property team have the knowledge and experience to handle your copyright, patent, industrial design & trademark registration and infringement. Our Firm ensures the protection and enforcement of our clients’ ideas, concepts, technology, products, business plans, designs, and media.
We provide advisory as regards industrial designs and their usage. We handle disputes covering the full spectrum of IP and Industrial design rights.

We have a team of the best intellectual property lawyers that will always ensure that your interests are at every time protected. We are proudly one of the best Intellectual property law firms in Nigeria.

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A patent is a document that describes an invention and creates a legal protection for the inventor, it ensures that such invention can not be exploited without the authorization of the owner of the patent (the inventor).
There are exceptions to things that are patentable, such as human genes, things that already exist in nature can not be patented. Some inventions can also be excluded for public order or morality grounds.

Qualities that makes an invention patentable.
*It must be Novel
**It must have an Inventive step that is not obvious to a person of ordinary skill.
*It must be industrially applicable.

Applicable Law in Nigeria
Patents and Designs Act LFRN, 2004

We proudly rank as one of the best Trademark law firms in Lagos Nigeria.

Industrial Property includes patents for inventions, trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications. 

Industrial design relate to the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of a product; it refers to the specific shape, color, pattern, or other visual characteristics.
Industrial design adds to the commercial value of a product and facilitate it’s marketing and commercialization.
The owner of a protected design has a right against unauthorized copying and imitation by third parties.

What qualifies a design to be registered?
An industrial design can be registered if it is new and original. An industrial design is deemed as new if it has not been made available to the public before an application for registration is filed at the registry (however there are exceptions).

Applicable law in Nigeria
Patent and Design Act, LFRN 2004

Copyright being a core branch of Intellectual Property refers to the protection of literary and artistic work, including technology-based work such as computer program and electronic databases. Copyright vest on its owner the exclusive right to reproduce the work, to distribute copies, and to perform and display the work publicly.
Derivative works that is, works derived from other existing sources, as far as the authority of the original owner was first sought and obtained, can also be protected under copyright.
Copyright is gained upon creation, such work however has to be fixed (written down or recorded) and tangible before it can be protected; as it cannot protect ideas.

Applicable law in Nigeria

Copyright Act, LFRN 2004

We have be proven to be one of the best copyright law firms in Lagos, Nigeria and our clients are ever happy with us.

Trademark is that specific tool of communication used by producers to attract consumer. It is a sign that is used to distinguish the goods and services of a particular producer from another.
A trademark could consist of words, design, letters, symbol etc.

A major characteristic of trademark is that it does not describes.
Hence once it is descriptive it cannot be a trademark.

Applicable law in Nigeria
Trademark Act, LFRN 2004

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